Saturday, August 26, 2006

We're Moving!

Hey folks - it's official: we got the house and move to Missoula next week! Which means... we're looking for friends to help load in Billings (and possibly unload in Missoula). Here's the schedule:
  • Tues afternoon / evening - we are loading the U-Haul in Billings (down behind the Peacemaker building at 2590 Holman Ave [MAP]). If you have time and inclination, we'd love to have you help us pack up. This will start about 2 PM, and run until late in the evening. Feel free to drop in and help out for as little or as much as you'd like.
  • Wed morning - we'll be finishing up our loading and then heading for Missoula
  • Thurs morning - we close on our house in Missoula and then take possession of the house at 2307 River Road [MAP]
  • Fri through the weekend - we'll be unloading and moving in! If anyone wants to come help us unload on the other end (and stay through the weekend), you'd be more than welcome to make the trek up with us. Just bring a sleeping bag and you can crash on our floor once we get there...
If any of these opportunities interest you, and you want to help out, could you please ping me or Marilyn so we can keep track of who's involved? Thanks much...

(ps - I have a whole bunch of photos from last week that are gradually getting put up over on the photoblog, but Blogger is having some hiccups today so they may not all be there until early next week)

It Never Rains in August

So one of the standing jokes we have around the Cryder house now is how "It never rains in August" (because after all, this is one of the dryest, hottest months of the year here in Montana!). Now all this came about because last year, Taehoo came to visit and he got drenched in the mountains. And the year before that, the kids and I went camping and the same thing happened. So surely lightning can't strike three years in a row, right? Hmmm...

As most of you know, I've spent most of the summer house hunting in Missoula and studying for ordination exams. Well, on August 11 I finished my last written exam, and we decided to take the whole family to the mountains the following week for some much needed R&R, because after all, "it never rains in August..."

At any rate, I've finally got all the pictures up from our 4 days of vacation. We did get rained on a bit. And we certainly hiked a lot more than we expected. And we didn't catch very many fish (at least not initially). But we saw some beautiful scenery and had a lot of fun, and it's all there over on the photoblog for your enjoyment.

So with no further ado... here's what we did last week (and I think you'll find there are a LOT of great photos in here):


Sunday, August 13, 2006

More House Hunting in Missoula

Well, as some of you know, we headed back up to Missoula again to try and find a house one more time, before we resorted to renting. The good news, we think we got one (we'll know for sure in a couple of days as we attempt to work out the details). I've finally had the time to put up photos both from this trip (#3), and from the previous trip (#2) - so if you are interested in seeing what we've been up to (aside from studying for ordination), bop on over and take a look. There are some great shots of the kids (and relatives) to enjoy as well.

Speaking of ordination - this past Friday I finally finished my last written exam (there were five of them total, each ranging from 2 to 4 hours in length). I think they all went well, and I'm extremely glad to have them over with. Now all I have to do is prepare for orals in September. Thanks to all of you who have been praying about both of these things, and please keep it up.

One final note before I sign out for the night - I think we're going to take off for a couple of days later this week and head to the mountains for a couple of days. So hopefully, we'll get some much needed R&R, and I'll have a chance to make up for my lack of photography so far this summer... Talk to you more soon!

Crazy Mountain Sunset

So two weeks ago, we took a whirlwind tour up to Missoula to look for a house - didn't find one that day, but we sure did score a beautiful shot of the Crazy Mountains (from I-90 looking north) at sunset on our way back home [hi res version here]...