Thursday, December 14, 2006


So last night, my daughter Rebekah hands me a copy of a another poem she wrote in school (her first one was Girl Who Loves Horses) - this one is about her great-grandmother, Marjorie Lauson. And I thought it was cool enough to share with all of you.
Marjorie (Portrait poem for school)
I remember your frail hands
they held me tight on Christmas day
I remember the joy in your eyes
I hugged the little doll tight
she was beautiful
with a red suit, blue eyes, and blond hair

I can see the little bird in your hat
your green shawl wrapped tightly around your shoulders

I hugged you tight
but not tight enough
why did you ever leave me?
why didn't you wait to say good bye?
Did you even love me?

If I could have one wish granted
I would wish you back

I can still see your smile as you held the purple boguet
As I look back on the few years we spent together
I wish that there had been more.
Well done, sweet daughter!