Friday, March 31, 2006

Excursion Update

Just a brief note, because some of you have been asking. Our Excursion is still in the shop (so we're pushing two and a half weeks now). Our mechanic wasn't able to diagnose the problem, so he took it to the Ford dealership and they have tried replacing 3 major computer systems in the car, all to no avail. So we are basically back at Square 1 and they still have no idea what the problem is. Supposedly they were going to talk to Ford engineers yesterday, to see if they have any suggestions. All this to say - it's not looking good. We'd really appreciate you prayers in this matter ...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

FORD - Fix Or Repair Daily

So the Excursion wouldn't start last night - it left me stranded at Starbucks 30 minutes before closing and I had to call a tow truck just to get it home (well, to the garage, actually). So a couple of hours later (and $75 bucks lighter), I finally walked through the door. And hopefully we'll find out this morning what the problem is.

Of course, stuff like this is often just as revealing of the problems within me - these things serve as a good reminder of how I need to preach the gospel to myself daily. If you have a few minutes, please pray for us - both me and the car.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday Morning Sourdoughs

So as many of you know, Sourdough Hotcakes are a Saturday morning tradition at the Cryder house - the kids know it, the neighbors know it, heck - even our dog knows it (there's a reason we named him 'Marilyn's Sourdough Flapjack'... or Jack for short). And yes, that's the reason why our license plate reads FLAPJAK. The bottom line? We love them, and you will too if you ever drop in for breakfast on a Saturday morning.