Monday, March 21, 2005

Cryder News & Updates

Just a quick note to let you know what's happening here.
  • We are currently on Spring Break (which makes virtually no difference at all since I have a major assignment due next monday - the day before we officially start up again).
  • Rebekah and Micah are starting baseball out here; Malachi will be heading back for Billings in about two weeks so that he can play a full season on a team out there.
  • Marilyn is getting lots of opportunities to play her French Horn in local symphonies and orchestras (she's actually having to turn down opportunities now)
  • We have started a small group with several couples in our church that is working through the Gospel of Mark
  • We will be attending the PCA Church Planter Assessment Center in the 3rd week of May. This will be a major step for us as we continue to pursue a church planting opportunity in Missoula, MT after we graduate next year. Please pray for this...
Two other items of note:

First, we have set up a Cryder-Friends mailing list to keep friends informed of what's happening in our lives. This is an announce-only list which should be extremely low traffic - basically, we will use it to say "Hey, things are afoot! Check the Cryder Family Blog for more details." We would like to strongly encourage you to take a few minutes and join this list, as it will become our primary means of communicating with people.

Second, please feel free to check back here often, as we will be posting here fairly regularly in order to share a slice of our lives with those who know us. We have a digital camera now, so this should help. Also, all of the kids now have blogs (see side links) and email addresses (email me if you'd like them). Finally, if you are interested in seeing where we are theologically and evangelistically, I'd encourage you to check out See Life Differently, where I am doing a lot of writing these days.

We'd love to hear what God is doing in your lives these days, and will post more soon!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Marilyn's Coffee Cup

Marilyn's Coffee Cup
(yes, it's really quite impressive, I know - Christian has actually figured out how to post an image from our new digital camera using Hello. Very cool, to be sure)

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Welcome to the Cryder family blog. Not much more than a place marker here right now, but you may want to bookmark this site as it provides a nice jumping off point to other things we are involved in. I have backdated a few recent events (Christmas Letter, Malachi's First Deer - see below).

Christian is spending most of his time going to class, writing Java code, and contributing to See Life Differently. Each of the kids now has their own blogs (see the links on the side), for writing projects and keeping in touch with friends. Marilyn is pretty busy just keeping life from careening out of control....What's that?...Oh!...From carreening any FURTHER out of control!

Ok, that's it for now...