Thursday, February 22, 2007

Catching Up

Ahem. I see that I haven't exactly been posting to beat the band, lately (Aside: Christy the Wordsmith, should you ever read this blog - where the heck did that phrase 'beat the band' come from anyway? Inquiring minds (well, MY mind anyway) want to know).

So here's what's happening in a nutshell. Ryan and I are still planting a church here in Missoula (I know, you knew that). Marilyn is busy helping out at C. S. Porter middle school. Rebekah is starring in MCT's world premiere of Robinson Crusoe this coming Saturday - well, maybe not 'starring', but she's playing the role of Oscar Octopus, which is a living critter, which means you're moving up the 'ol totem pole in MCT acting land. Malachi is busy with winter workouts for Maverick baseball, hoping he'll make the cuts when tryouts roll around in April. Micah is busy with art club. Everyone's looking forward to fishing when Spring rolls around (speaking of fishing - we've got a couple of Orvis rods on the way, for real this time - I'll say more about that once they show up).

Did I mention that I've been blogging about coffee? You can read a little blurb which got accepted over on the New West site, all about Coffee Shops in Missoula. Cool.

That pretty much covers it for now - we're meeting lots of people, having them over for dinner, getting to know the community. If you happen to be in the neighborhood Friday afternoon at 5, swing by the Kettlehouse and get a taste of what makes Missoula such a cool community.

Until then...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Valentine's Day and Public School

So Micah (our 8th grader) brings home a permission we are supposed to sign, for the upcoming "Valentine's Day" thingy at his school. This isn't actually for the big day itself - instead, it happens a couple of days before - they pull the kids out of school for a half day to take them to a nearby elementary school where they will help little munchkins make valentines.
Me: "What the heck??? What's THAT have to do with education?"

Micah: "Well, it's kind of like 'Pumpkin Day' - we did the same thing right before Halloween, went and helped the elementary kids carve pumpkins. And if I don't go I get in-school suspension...

Me: (incredulously) "Pumpkin Day???"

Micah: "Yeah, Connor's kid threw up on him."

Me: "Threw up on him? You mean, like all over him?"

Micah: "Nah, just all over the table right in front of him. Connor had just cut open the pumpkin to clean out the guts and he said, 'Hey, I'll give you a quarter to stick your hand in the pumpkin.' The the kid said 'Ok!' and stuck his hand right into the pumpkin and then just barfed all over."

Marilyn: "Did Connor get in trouble?"

Micah: "Nah. I mean, how could he have known the kid was going to throw up when he stuck his hand in the pumpkin?"

Me: "Hey, you could help some little squirt come up with a really good valentine, like 'Will you be my girl from Nordakota?' (with Molly's joke on the back of it)."

Micah: (turning beet red) "DAD!!! That's just WRONG! Now can I go or not?"

Me: "Ok, ok, just tell me where to sign..."
Wow. I had no idea public school could be so much fun.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Winter Walk in Missoula

There's some photos from yesterday afternoon over on the photoblog, if you're interested.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Rebekah on a Sled

This was one of those "blink and you miss it shots" (and I just about did!) - but I kind of like the way it turned out, even the composition. Kind of reminds me of a penguin... :-)


Moonrise over Missoula (II)

And a closer shot of that very fine moon...
(zoomed in as close as I can get w/ my Canon - I took this shot freehand, just leaning across the top of a neighbor's car to try and keep it as still as possible. There's a fair amount of noise in the photo, but overall I still like the way it turned out)


Moonrise over Missoula

Moonrise over Missoula (beautiful w/ the fresh snow we had today...)