Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sunset Tonight

Sunset was beautiful in Missoula tonight. Looking to the north, towards SnowBowl.

Robinson Crusoe (MCT)

So pictures of Rebekah's world premiere as Oscar Octopus in the MCT production of The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe are now up and online. Give it a look and tell her what you think...

[NOTE: the link was broken - it's fixed now (3/30/07)]

Harrison Ford at 60

So I'm sitting at the breakfast table the other morning, when the conversation turns to Harrison Ford and the upcoming Indiana Jones movie:
Marilyn: So I hear that they're considering Kate Blanchett for the new Indiana Jones movie... (Marilyn digs Indie).

Me: So honey, would YOU actually kiss a 60 year old? (I mean, the thought of it sounds kind of creepy to me - sweet young Kate, sucking face with a 60 year old, even if he is Harrison Ford...)

Rebekah: But Dad, you're 37!
Wow. I had no idea how to respond. Nuff said.